know about small business loan SBA 7 (a). This  Loan is the most popular in United States of America. In SBA 7 (a) loan program, you may have loans up to $ 5 million, up to 25 years, at low interest rate 2.25%. are you searching for small business loans, then SBA 7 (A) loan will be best for you. Here is your comprehensive guide on all things about SBA 7 (a) Loan The lenders approve small business owners for loan. SBA 7 (A) Loan is the most flexible and most popular loan programs. Stable business owners can qualify for $ 5 million in financial assistance and can use money for almost any business purpose. you enjoy low interest rates and long term on SBA finance. SEA 7a loan. There are several types of 7 (a) loan and credit lines under various types of SBA 7 (A) programs. The main difference in different types of loan types is the use of debt quantity, processing times, and funds. Here, SBA 7 (a) are different types of loans. First is Standard 7 (a) Debt 7 and second is Traditive SBA 7 ( A) Loans. Standard 7 (a) Loans can be up to $ 5 million, and you can be used for a variety of business reasons, if you have a standard 7 (a) loan, whether you want to increase your business. Or need additional working capital. . On standard loan, the SBA will review your application and give you an initial approval decision within 5 to 10 business days. Conversation of interest rates for the buyers and lenders standard 7 (a) interest rates Yes, but they will never get more than the maximum size of the SBA. In addition, for this kind of SBA 7 (a) loan, the lenders do not need to take a ground for more than $ 25,000 loans. For over $ 25,000 loans, the SBA needs to follow the same mutual policies to the lenders that they use for non-SBA loans.  2 SBA 7 (a) Small Qualifications B A7 (a) Small loans are standard 7 (a) like debt, but the maximum amount of debt is $ 350,000. Such SBA 7 (A) loan operations, like exactly the standard 7 (a) loan, in addition to assessing creditors' creditability .SEA 7 (a) for small loans, personal credit, business credit, And SBA PCCCC applicants based on the financial institutions. If you move the screen, the lenders will track your request. If you do not have a screen, you will need to go through the write-down process under more stringent standard 7 (a). # 3. SBA Express Qarbasis BA Express is available for $ 350,000, a time Provides instant transmission for small enterprises in a sensitive ban. Instead of 5 to 10 business days, SBA will review your application and make you initial approval