New Trend of Wireless Bluetooth Electronics Devices

Today age of wireless, We See New Trend of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, nowadays every electronic device is going to be wireless in this area we have introduced a wireless Bluetooth M Bar Bluetooth Headphones. Here is giving all the details. You can buy it online here.
M Bar Bluetooth Headphones Mini Sport In-Ear Headset Wireless Stereo 2 Pieces Smartphone Headphone Built With Charging Case For Smartphone (Black)
By M Bar
Price: $ 45.99
Remittances over a long distance: embedded with Bluetooth 4.2 and EDR TEC, our headphones can be operated at a distance of 20 meters and at any distance of 15-meter tangles.
Powerful battery with long working battery: Built 65 mAh lithium battery Our headphone guarantee works for 6 hours and 120 hours of standby time. When it comes to exercising outside, then enough efficiency is absolutely important for you. Our powerful battery that works long enough can certainly meet your needs.
Ergonomic design and light weight: Wireless earphone has been designed ergonomically and the weight is only as light as 4g. If you are following the modern life of fashion and simplicity, then our earphone will surely catch your eyes! How does the simple life bring you about taking a break and just enjoying happiness and peace?
Long distance transmission: Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and EDR TEC, our headphones can support up to 20 meters and non-tunnel operation distance of up to 15 meters.